Friday, December 03, 2021

What is the appreciation dinner? Who is it for?

Sorry! It’s not a lavish $500 per plate dinner or a dinner with fortune 500 people. It is however a nice dinner put forth by our officers to show the appreciation to our members who selflessly donated their time and/or resources to help maintain or improve the club. With that in mind this is an invitation only event. All members are eligible for an invitation but there are a few guidelines that need to be followed to get an invitation. To keep it fair think of it as "earning an invitation".


SPSC Guidelines for Appreciation Dinner

1. All workers must accumulate 8 hrs of time to be eligible for the worker and spouse for invitation to the appreciation dinner.

2. Times must be occurred in the months of November to October the calendar year before the dinner only to be eligible for an invitation.

3. Worker may accumulate time over multiple events/work details.

4. Workers must sign the event/work detail help list the day that they worked. The person in charge of the event/work detail will have the say on time assigned on that event at the end of that event/work detail. From time to time extra time may be assigned to an individual and must be done at event/work detail, by the person in charge.

5. Invitations are meant for the use of the workers and their spouses and may not be passed on to other family members or friends.

6. Person in charge must sign off on the events/work detail help list.

7. Some standard times for events/work details will be assigned and approved by the membership at a regular monthly meeting. Assigned times must be posted on the website for members to view and may be viewed in writing in request to the treasurer.

8. From time to time individuals do things for the club that are beyond the scope of what is mentioned here and may be approved by the President and Treasurer only to be invited to the dinner.

9. List shall be turned into the treasurer in a timely manner for keeping of records and when questions arise by the membership.

10. The final invitation list must be approved by the President and Treasurer before invitations are sent out.


Pre-Assigned Event Values

  • Scheduled Work Details: 8 Hrs
  • Non-Scheduled Work Details: To Be Determined By Person In Charge
  • New Years Party: 2 Hrs
  • Dice Run: 8 Hrs
  • Bush Dam Ride & Picnic
    • Picnic Kitchen Help: 6 Hrs
    • Trail Group Help: 5 Hrs
    • Raffle, Membership, Sellers, Etc: 4 Hrs


On A Side Note:

We would like to emphasize that all work to better the club or trails is greatly appreciated and not taken for granted. We set these guideines to encourage a higher level of participation in the club and it's events. More participation can only lead to a better club for all of us and our future generations as well.

Thanks to everybody who helps throughout the year!

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