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2013-2014 Meeting Minutes

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Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

May 2014


Club President John Fox called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM with 5 club members present and 1 quest present.

Secretary’s Report: Report was read by the secretary and was approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: Ed Lawver read the treasurer’s report. Beginning balance $5776.72 with a ending balance of $5704.00. Ed states sometime after June he would like to transfer $5000 or $6000.00 to the general fund from the calendar fund. Janet reported there is $18,274.86 in the calendar fund with the rest of May and the month of June to pay out yet. Motion by Dahl and 2nd  by Janet to accept the reports. Motion Passed

Correspondences: Ed read a thank you from Pssa for our donation to them. Also two other E-mails from Lori at Pssa.

Old Business:  Ed reported that hubs for the Imp groomer are on Back order and we should be receiving the within the next month.

Committee Reports

Trails: Ed read a list of work that needs done this year to the East Fork Railroad grade. We need some matting to stabilize the bank that washed out by the bridge on Jim Whintey’s property. It was ok’ed to get matting. We will Finalize work detail plans at the board meetings.

Membership: Ed wants to have the membership renewals in the mail as close to October 1, 2014 as he can.

Board of Director’s Report: Nothing to report. The Officers will meet over the summer months. To finialize the calendar of events and work details plans.

New Business: Pastor Steve Small presented a proposal for us to sponsor the Atv ride that he is involved with for Potter County Habit for Humanity. The event would cost them $750.00 and it would cost them a lot less if we sponsored the event and ride on our insurance. President Fox gave the floor to Ed. Ed explained he contacted V&V Insurance on where we stand on this matter. Dale stated to him the only way that we could do this is we would have to do the event and then donate the proceeds to Habit Humanity. Everything needs to have Southern Potter Snowmobile Club’s name on it. Since they already have advertisements and flyers posted around town, and things are through with DCNR for permits, he does not see how we could change things in time at this late date. A lengthy discussion followed. It was brought up to in the discussion to possible make a donation to help defray the cost of insurance for them. John Fox presented his case with all terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. Finally Janet made a motion to donate $300 to Potter County Habit for Humanity to help defray the cost of the insurance. 2nd by Ed. John Fox stated he would also donate $100 himself. This will cover over half of the insurance fee for them. Motion Passed.

Good and Welfare:  Nothing was presented.

Motion for adjournment was made by Janet and 2nd by Dahl. Motion Passed.

                                             Respectfully Submitted

                                             Edward Lawver, Secretary SPSC

Board of Directors met in June and July to finalize the plans for work detail and set our calendar events for 2014-2015 Snowmobile season. Date for the appreciation dinner date was set for November 15, 2014


Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

April 17, 2014


President John Fox called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. five members were present.

Secretary’s Report: Ed read the minutes from the last meeting. Motion made by Dahl and 2nd by Yvonne to accept. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Report was read with a beginning balance of $ 6453.50 and a ending balance of $5776.72. We have a Calendar fund balance of    $19,259.04. Motion to accept by Yvonne and 2nd by Ed. Motion carried.

Correspondences:  None where read.

Old Business:  Ed said he will get the groomer hubs ordered over the summer months. Snow Angels fund donation has been made. Jim stated that he called Chris at DCNR about looking for a groomer again. President Fox stated he not sure we need another groomer, since we don’t have the help to run the two we have now.

Committee Reports; Committees that reported.

Trails: Ed asked the president what for work was planned for this year so he can post it on the website, which sparked off a heated discussion between the President and Vice President. Below is the list. Jim also reported the Scandic groomer is not right and needs some work, even though it was never used last year.

       1.Widen bridge the EFSC and some other work to the trail across Foster’s property 2. Paint groomer drag. 3. Clean pipes out up schoolhouse trail.  4. Clean pipes and extend some on the East Fork trail, Ed will check what we need there. 5. Put pipe in at Whitney’s bridge. To help groomer around corner and widen trail. 6. All trails need brushed. 7. Put up direction signs in September over in the Keating Summit area.

Dice Run: Ed stated there was no run this year,do to lack of snow again. Things are ready for next year. Ed would like to change the weekend to possiably get more help and stay away from the race over at the Potter County club, since they don’t care who’s events they step on.

Safety course:  John talked to Black Forrest snowmobile club about doing one together and there was no interest in doing one together.

Board of Directors: Nothing to report.

New Business;There was no new business presented.

Good And Welfare: There was nothing presented.

Motion by Ed 2nd by Jim to adjourn at 9;30pm, Meeting Adjourned.

Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

March 15, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President John Fox at 9 am. With four members present.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were Read from the January’s meeting due to February’s meeting being cancelled. Minutes were approved as read with no additions or corrections.

Treasurer’s Report:  The report was presented by Ed with a beginning balance of $ 7071.05 and the ending balance of $ 6453.50.  On a motion by Yvonne and 2nd by Dahl the report was accepted as read.

Correspondences: Ed read correspondences from the Pssa and letter from DCNR for April meeting.

Old Business: John Fox reported that the light in the restroom at Cherry Springs Park was installed. John presented the check from the Pssa Snow Angels for Jacob to the Glover Family. Ed took pictures and sent a article into The Keystone Snowmobiler, article should be in the paper in May issue. John gave a report On the state snowmobiling sac meeting and state parks. John and Ed attained the Jan meeting with DCNR at  Denton Hill office. Ed reported he sent in the application to join the Friends of Lyman Run.

Committee Reports:

    Trails: John reported South Woods Rd held up good with snow this year until we got the winter warm up. Ed stated we need to sit down and decide what we are going to do at work details this year, so he can write them up, put them on the website and put out the newsletter to members with email addresses from our membership list. Ed and John groomed the trail into Keener’s store twice this year and received a nice donation from them. Ed has posted a thank you to them on our website. We broke a bogie wheel again this year on the Groomer.

   Dice Run: Once again this year the run was cancelled due to lack of snow. Paper work is ready to go for next year.  Some thought was given by the committee to have dice run on a different weekend instead of a holiday weekend, simply because we may be able to get some more help. It was suggested to Ed maybe also to not schedule the run on back to back weekends if cancelled, in hope of more snow. Ed thought this was a good idea, will look at it also for next year.

Membership:  Ed gave a detailed report on the membership as in stands of March 1st. We have 188 members and 12 Business members at this time.

New Year’s Party and Bush Dam Picnic: Both events went good and will be scheduled again next year.

Safety Class: John reported no class has been set as of now. And Larry’s Sport Center has a possible 8-10 people to take a class.

Board of Director’s Report:  The board had nothing to report.

New Business: There was a discussion on the groomer wheels. Motion was made by Dahl and 2nd by Ed to purchase three hub and wheel assemblies over the summer so we have them for next year. Ed made a motion to donate $ 200.00 to the PSSA Snow Angel fund, instead of buying the raffle tickets, 2nd by Yvonne. Motion passed. Discussion about going to the Pssa meeting in State College on April 5th. Any one that wants to go needs to contact Ed asap so he can get the registration in by April 1. Ed made a motion to reelect the officers as they are now and reinstate Dahl Eppinger to another 3 year term as Director. 2nd by Yvonne. Motion passed.

Motion to adjourn at 10:30 am Motion carried


Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

February 2014

Meeting was cancelled due to lack of interest.

Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

January 11, 2014

John Fox called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM with 13 members present.

Secretary’s Report: Ed Lawver read the minutes from the previous meeting with no additions or corrections. Terry made a motion to accept, 2nd by John Greeley. Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report: Ed Lawver read the report. Beginning balance $4359.27 with a ending balance of $7071.05. Ed stated due to time he will not read the income and expense reports, but if anyone has any questions on this report to see him, he would be glad to answer questions. Motion by John Greeley and 2nd by Elva Holtzapple to accept. Motion Passed.

Correspondences: Ed read a letter from DCNR about the officer’s meeting with them 0n Feb. 2, 2014. John Greeley stated he would like to attend this meeting. Ed reported again all officer’s are invited to attend.

Old Business: Discussion again on the opening of Lyman Run Rd. by the lake. No further movement on getting this open.  Ed asked where we stand on the Snow Angle fund donation for the Glover Boy. The President state it was submitted and waiting for a answer back from the Pssa. Light to be installed in the restroom at Cherry Springs on Monday.

Committee Reports:

Trails: John Greeley brought up about plowing of roads and why we could not use other routes where roads are to be plowed for logging and gas use. John Fox will talk to Chris about the plowing of roads. Ed has been reporting trail conditions on our web site. Any one sees a trail condition call him so he can post it. Ed reported are cleaned and ready to go. We will groom when we get snow. John Greeley reported the bridge on the railroad grade in Emporium is now open, so you now can ride to St Mary’s.

Raffle: Ed reported that we made $76.00 on the sled lift raffle that Jeff Krone donated.

Membership: Ed has redone the membership list. He has created a past membership list for members that has not paid dues for the last 3 years. This way we do not lose address of those past members.

Dice Run: Dice Run is ready to go. All we need is snow.

Bush Dam Ride and Picnic: John has one guide and is looking for another one. Janet will do the food.

Board Of Director’s Report: No report.

New Business: John Fox bought up about the club giving the Glover boy a donation to help with the expenses the family has. Ed Lawver made a motion to donate $200.00 to them along with $200.00 To the East Fork Sportsman Club for use of their club house. 2nd John Greeley. Motion Passed. Ed brought up about making a $150.00 donation to The Drew Comery Foundation since Bill Sowers never gave us a bill for the food for the spaghetti dinner. John Greeley made motion to donate to the foundation, 2nd by Terry. Motion passed.

Good And Welfare: The President thanked everyone for coming tonight.

Motion by Leo Miller 2nd by John Greeley to adjourn At 6 PM. Let’s eat.                                                  

Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

December 19, 2013

Due to only the President and Secertary/Treasurer being present for the meeting. No formal meeting was held.

Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

November 16, 2013 - Meeting has been canceled.

Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

October 17, 2013


Meeting was called to order at 7:45 pm by President John Fox. Seven members were present.

Secretary’s Report:  Ed Lawver read the report with no additions or corrections. Motion to accept by Jim and 2nd  by Travis  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Beginning balance $4856.50 and ending balance of $4359.00. Motion made by Dahl and 2nd by Janet to accept. Motion passed

 Calendar Fund: Janet reported there is $13,765.95 in the fund as of October 17, 2013.

Correspondences: Ed Read the Pssa show information and renewal letter from the insurance company.

Old Business: Talked about getting hats again. Jim stated we should get them maroon and gray since they are they are the club colors. John Fox showed the light flyer he wants to get for at Cherry Springs. John will order the light. It was already approved to get it. John will order it. Sign for Dean Long is up on the bridge behind Wharton Store. Discussion on the ride for the kids at Lyman run again. Ed will pay the Pssa dues and pay for the raffle tickets at the show. Ed has purchased the camera for the club and showed it to the group.

Committee Reports:

Trails: East Fork railroad grade behind the Wharton Store to Foster’s property has been cleaned up after the storm. A discussion about the trail at Five Daughters camp, trail needs widen for the big groomer to get through. Now it is time to get it done.

Raffle: Snowmobile lift will be raffled off at the Pssa show.

Membership: Ed has mailed out the membership letters and is receiving membership back.

Dice Run: Ed has read the new rules for the dice run and the adding of Keener’s store to the route. And was given the ok to proceed.

New Year’s Party: Ed will order the food at Big Mike’s in late December

Bush Dam ride and picnic: John and Janet will have more on it later.

Board Of Director Report: Nothing to report.

New Business: Ed Reported the liability insurance is the same price as last year. Jim made a motion and 2nd by Travis to pay the insurance. Motion passed. John will cancel one room for the show, it is not needed at this point. John Fox brought up that Shawn Glover son has a cleft Pallet. And Shawn is fighting with throat cancer. He would like to summit his name to the snow angels fund. Ed made a motion 2nd by Jim for john to proceed to summit his name. Motion passed.

Good and Welfare: None at this time.

Motion for adjournment by Ed 2nd by Jim at 8:50 pm. Motion passed.

Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

September 21,2013

Meeting was called to order by John Fox at 9 am.  Five members were present.   Only for registered users. Please login!

Secertary Report: Ed Lawver read the minutes from the last meeting on May 18, 2013 and the minutes from the Board of Director meetings of June, July, and August.  Motion by Dahl and 2nd by Jeff to accept as read with no additions or corrections noted.

Treasurer’s Report: Ed Lawver Read the treasurer’s report with a beginning balance of $7100.94 and a ending balance of $4856.50.  Motion made by Clair and 2nd by Dahl to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion passed.
Calendar Fund:  Ed also read the balance in the calendar fund of $16,655.25. Janet spent $657.20 on printing the new calendars and $76.71 for mailing and stamps.

Correspondences: Ed read a letter from DCNR. Officers meeting with them is Oct 1, 2013. Read several letters from the PSSA.

Old Business: Light for restroom at Cherry Springs has not been gotten yet. John Fox talked to Chip Harrison there is a chance Lyman Rd may be opened to Thompson Hollow Rd during the daylight hrs. Dean Longs Family said it was ok to use the bridge behind the Wharton Store for a memorial for Dean. A sign has been made and installed in his memory on the bridge. The snowmobile safety class has been cancelled because John could not find anyone to teach it. Some officers went to Williamsport to look at a track truck groomer, Hit was decided it is not what we want and it would be too hard to steer.

Committee reports: - Calendars are out. Sell them.

Trails: - Jordan and Long Hollow bridges are done. Dahl and Ed cut the brush on the trail from Bush Hill Rd to the State shed along Route 607. Brush is cut on the Beirge Run Bridge. Next weekend we need to cut up trees on the East Fork railroad grade behind Wharton to the Foster property from the storm. Groomer drag is lowered and needs painted yet. John and Jim did this.

Membership: - Ed has the mailing printed, just need stuffed and mailed out to Oct 1.

Dice Run: – Ed should have the plans to review in Oct

New Year’s Party: – Party is Jan 11, 2014 at 6pm at the East Fork Sportsman Club. Ed has all ready talked to Big Mike about the food. Will tell Big Mike in December how much food.
Bush Dam Picnic: – John and Janet taking care of this.

Hunters’ Dinner: – Bill Sowers has agreed to do this for us. Dinner will be November 24, 2013. Ed and John will work with him on this. Some help will be needed.

New Business: John suggested that the club replace Ed’s printer since he uses it a lot for the club . It stopped feeding the paper. Motion by Dahl and 2nd by Clair to reimburse Ed for the printer. Motion passed.  Ed made a motion to purchase the PSSA tickets and renew our PSSA dues. Clair 2nd the motion. passed. The appreciation dinner was discussed. John will check with the Costello Inn on November 9, 2013 for the dinner. Ed will take care of the letters for the dinner. Talked about inviting DCNR, and local  supervisor, and businesses to the New Year’s Party, Ed will take care of these letters also. Ed brought up about buying a dital camera for club use. Motion made  by Ed and 2nd by Dahl to purchase one. Motion passed. Ed will pick one up.
Jeff Krone made a snowmobile lift for the club to raffle off at the PSSA show. Decided to sell the tickets for $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. A thank you card will be sent to Jeff. Also talked about what we are doing for the booth at the show.

Good and Welfare: There was none presented at this time.

Motion Made at 10:55 am Jeff and 2nd by Dahl to adjourn.

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