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2012-2013 Meeting Minutes

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Southern Potter Snowmobile Club
May 18, 2013

John Fox called the meeting to order at 9 am, with 6 members present.

Ed Lawver read the Secretary’s Report with no additions or corrections. Motion by Travis to accept and 2nd by Janet Motion passed.

Treasurer’s report was also read by Ed. Beginning balance of $7460.30 and a Ending balance of $7100.94. Report was approved as read. Janet read the calendar fund has $18,532.35 in it.

Old Business ­­--- Light at Cherry Springs Restroom is still being looked into by John Sharp. Discussion on using the bridge at Berge Run or the bridge behind the Wharton store for a memorial for Dean Long. Janet felt to use the bridge at Berge Run since it is closer to his place. The board will look at the bridge and make final decision. John also stated that the twp. would help with the stone or what is needed to fill in at one end, He also has Shawn Long’s phone # to talk to him on the families feeling on using the Wharton bridge since Dean was very involved in that bridge also. Ed reported that the drag from Grand Canyon Snowmobile club was purchased for $900.00. Just needs to be brought over. Discussion on the Mower was held. Travis stated he has one the club is welcome to use, just needs a battery. The Club accepted the use of the mower, Travis to bring it up.  Clair made motion and 2nd by Ed to buy a battery for it. Motion passed.

Committee Reports:  Membership   190 members and 12 business members Ed reported.

Hunter’s Dinner:  Ed talked about maybe having Bill Sowers spear head a spaghetti dinner the weekend of bear season John stated to have Ed e mail him. Janet felt spaghetti dinners do not go well.

Kids Safety Course: John is looking at Sept 21 instead of the 28th for the class. At Larry, Sports Center. Ed needs to know dates as soon as possible for the Pssa paper.

Trail: Ed reported finishing touches need put on Jordan and Long Hollow Bridge’s. Trail up along 607 to the top from trail behind state shed needs trimmed. Pipe at Whitney’s is done and seeded. Travis asked for signs for the connector trail at his place, Vehicles are running it now. Travis to get signs made and club will pay for them. Travis also talked about a 6” pipe down by Buddy Bricker’s, Ed to get with him and check it out but maybe a gas line running through there.

Dice Run: Will be the weekend of Jan 18, 2014 snow date one week later.

Bush Dam Ride and picnic will be the weekend of Feb 15, 2014. Picnic will be a snow or no snow event next year and if there is snow there will be a ride to the Dam and back for the picnic. Janet and John to take care of the ride and picnic.

New Year’s Party:  Will be on Jan 11, 2014 at 6pm will decide at one of the board meetings what we will have to eat. Ed will handle the food for the party.

New Business: John brought up to purchase a rod and reel for the EFSC fishing derby. Club agreed to get  a rod and reel John will take care of it. Meetings and Events dates where set. Ed will put the list together for mailing and hand outs. The Pssa show is Oct 25-27, 2103 we will attend.

Good and Welfare: Doris Ianson needs a thank you card for use of her Tractor.

Motion at 10.55am by Yvonne and 2nd by Travis for Adjournment. Passed and meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted Ed Lawver Secretary


Southern Potter Snowmobile Club
April 21, 2013

John Fox called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. There were 8 members present.

Secretary’s report with the following corrections made:
Pssa meeting is/was April 6 not April 16. Minutes should read South woods road to Eleven Mile Rd the township isn’t leaving any snow on the road. Motion to accept minutes by Janet and 2nd by John Greeley. Motion carried.

Treasurer report was read and approved.  Motion by Jim and 2nd by Dahl to accept. Motion carried

B. balance $7063.51 and E. balance $7460.30.

Calendar report balance $19181.54

Correspondences – Several where read by Ed

Old Business – Light for the bathroom at Cherry Springs is not here yet, maybe this weekend. The donation for the Snow Angel Fund has been sent in. Discussion on the bridge we want to do for Dean Long. A group of members will meet on Sunday at 12:00pm to look at the bridge. Ed explained where we stand with the groomer drag. We offered Up to $650.00. They want $1000.00 for it. A motion was made by John Greeley, 2nd by Jim Elwell to offer $800.00 but not more than a $1000.00 for the drag. Motion carried

Trails – A pipe was installed at Jim Whitney’s  to help control the water problem near his driveway.

Dice Run – Motion by Dave and 2nd by Jim to move the Dice Run to Martin Luther King weekend. Motion carried.

Discussion on a safety course motion by Ed and  2nd by Yvonne to have a course on Sept 28, 2013. 8am to 4:30pm. John Fox is in charge of setting up the course.

Discussion on Bush Dam ride and Picnic Tabled to May meeting

Board of Directors - No report

New Business – Ed will put dates and articles in the Wharton Gazette and PSSA paper.

Jim brought up about a Dr offset mower to trim trails. Price of $3390. Before May 7 $3099           If the club buys it a 60 day warranty  if a member buys it 2 yr warranty. They have a used one $2944. Tabled to May meeting.

Good and welfare – best wishes for Terry. He had surgery.

Motion made by Jim and 2nd  By Ed for adjournment. Motion carried. 9:45pm

Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

March 16, 2013

John Fox called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM  There were 7 people in attendance.

Secretary's report was read and corrections were made.  Janet made the motion and 2nd by Dahl.

Treasurer's report was read and approved. Beginning balance $ 7350.04  Ending balance $ 7063.51

  Motion made by Dahl and 2nd by Terry

Calendar report - $20,105.68

Old Business - Light was not bought yet for the restroom at Cherry Springs Park.  John Sharp's son is going to look for light in York.

New Business - Snow Angels fund -  Eddie made the motion that we donate $200.00 to the fund instead of buying the tickets.  Dahl 2nd the motion.

Spring meeting is on April 16th.  John, Yvonne, Eddie and maybe John Greeley will be going

Nominations of officers was accepted.  Eddie made the motion and 2nd by Elva

A $200.00 donation will be made to East Fork Sportsmen Club for the use of the building.

We need to do calendar of events. A date needs to be set.

Trails - Schoolhouse trail to bottom of large pine trees are keeping snow off of trail.  We will find out if they can be cut .  Black diamond to eleven mile - Township isn't leaving any snow on road.  Need to go to township meeting to find out if they will let snow on side of road.  Grand Canyon Club has a drag that they want to sell or they are going to scrap it.  We are going to offer $500.00 for it. We will give a lead of $200.00.  Dahl made the motion and it was 2nd by Terrry.

We need to look at bridge at Birch Run to see what needs to be done.  A work detail is needed to clean trails.  We will probably have it in late summer and maybe have a picnic.  Then we will need to have another one in October.  Terry suggested we divide up the trail among the members.

DCNR's meeting is April 2nd.  They have a new recreational officer.

Adjournment was made by Eddie and 2nd by Terry.


Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

February 21, 2013

John Fox called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.  There were 10 people in attendance.

Secretary's report - Corrections were made.  Motion made by Dahl Eppinger and 2nd by Eddie Lawver.

Treasurer's report - Beginning balance $9621.64 and ending balance of $7350.04

Calendar report - Last month's balance was $21,094.00

Old Business - 2009 motion was passed to raise business membershp to $30.00.  The change was never made.  A motion by Jim Elwell was to leave the membership at the $25.00 amount because of the economy and 2nd by Elva Holtzapple.  

The web-site is up and running.  

Committee reports - No dice run this year because of snow conditions.  Next year we are going to use Keener Store in Cherry Springs.  It was suggested that we use vehicles instead of snowmobiles if there is no snow.  This suggestion was tabled.  

Trails committee - The trails are all in good shape.  Bridges need boards to be put on them for more support.  Shawn Long wants something done for the bridge that will be dedicated to his father's memorial.  Bridge on Birch Run will be done for Dean Long's memorial.  This will be our first project next year.  Long Bridge - The dip between Austin and Costello will also be worked on next year.  

New Business - From the base of Lyman Run Dam, Trail from Indian  Run to the Notch is closed.  Chip Harris would like a solar lite to be put in restroom (which is located at the back of the park) at Cherry Springs Park.  Motion was made by John Greeley to buy light.  Eddie made a motion to pay up to $150.00 and 2nd by Jim .  It was told to us that the reason that we can't snowmobile 2.7 miles from Thompson road to the Park was because Chip Harris closed it.  That was wrong information.  The township closed it because of a snowmobile accident.  Lori Elliott was contacted to find out if there are any funds available for fixing groomer.  No funds left for this year.  

Nominations for Officers.

President - John Fox  Motion made by John Greeley and 2nd by Tank

Vice-President - Jim Elwell  Motion made by John Greeley and 2nd by Eddie

Secretary - opened

Treasurer - Eddie Lawver   Motion made by John Greeley and 2nd by Jim

Directors - Terry resigned - John Greeley to finish his term (2015)

                  Travis Runkle

Nominations closed- Eddie made the motion and 2nd by Jim

We will be serving Pulled Pork, scallop potatoes and potato chips at the end of the next meeting.  This was left over from our New Years Party.

Meeting was adjourned.  


Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

January 2013 - minutes not submitted by secretary.

Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

December 20, 2012

John Fox called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM

Secretary's report was read and approved.

Treasurer's report - Balance as of 12-6-12 was $10,679.53

Correspondence - We received information from Lori Elliot on Grants from DCNR. It is about meetings on how to apply for DCNR grants. Anyone interested call Eddie. We are sending Eddie to attend a meeting.

Membership committee - We have a total of 137 members.

Trail Committees - All sluice pipes are in, matting needs to be put down on Long Hollow and Plastic needs put on Long Hollow and Jordan Hollow. Jones Run Trail needs to be checked out to see if it is open.

Old Business - New Year's Party - Saturday January 12th at 5PM at East Fork. Having Pulled Pork, Au Gratin Potatoes, Cole Slaw and Rolls. Bring a dish to pass. Eddie will put it on the web site. We are going to invite DCNR officials to the party. Big Mike will provide the food. Jim Elwell will order the food from Big Mike's. This is going to include bringing your own bottle. Post cards will be sent out.

Bush Dam ride - Janet will cook. Club to provide Hamburg's, Hot Dogs, Potatoes salad and Macaroni salad, coffee, Hot Chocolate and soda. We will wait to designate leaders for trail rides.

New Business - A motion was made to send Eddie to DCNR Grant Seminar. This is to be held in Boalsburg on February 19th.

Jim Elwell is looking into possibly leasing a groomer from DCNR. More information to follow at next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.

Southern Potter Snowmobile Club

November 15, 2012

John Fox called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. There was 10 people in attendance.

Secretary's Report was read and approved. Motion made by Eddie Lawver and 2nd by Terry Holtzapple

Treasurer's Report - Beginning balance was $10,924.81 and the ending balance was $10,802.08. Motion to accept was made by Travis Runkle and 2nd by Glen Knisely.

Calendar Report - No amount this month. Last month was $13,606.84

Correspondence - Eddie received information from Ed Klim on "Take a Friend Snowmobiling"

Old Business - Terry and John reported on the Power Sports Show. Southern Potter won for best display. This was the third year in a row.

Trails - We need to get concrete bags for Jordan Hollow. We have $625.00 on our grant to be used for stone. The stone is to be used for drainage on Jordan Hollow. John commented on how we need help to work on the bridges. There is only 3 to 5 people that help. He said if they stopped working on the bridges that nothing would get done and it would be back to the way it was years ago. Nothing will be groomed and you will have to go over logs and other debris to snowmobile. It will get to the point where you will not be able to ride on the trails. We Need Help On The Trails!

New Business - We are going to add the Costello Inn in our dice run. We are going to exclude the Bomb Shell. We are going to need people to help in the kitchen for the Bush Dam Ride. The Club in thinking about getting sweatshirts and hats. A few of us need to get together and decide on a design. Elva will talk to Keener's to find out where they get there sweatshirts done. Our insurance is due. John Greely made a motion to pay it and was 2nd by Terry Holtzapple.

Adjournment - Motion was made to adjourn by Glen Knisely and 2nd by Leo Miller

Southern Potter Snwomobile Club

October 2012 - minutes not submitted by Secretary

Southern Potter Snwomobile Club

September 2012 - minutes not submitted by Secretary

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